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SoFi Beach Day / Stay

SoFiBeachDay and SoFiBeachStay are 'concierge-service' websites for visiting the beach cities when you're in town for a game at SoFi, Staples, or any reason.

The Offering

If you're in Los Angeles for a game, you have to experience the jewel of southern California: the beach cities of South Bay! You'll be rejuvenated by our sunny cool breezes, enjoy our youthful energy, and sample award-winning restaurants, one-of-a-kind boutiques, unique beach experiences, and sights you'll remember forever. You can come just for a day, or stay here for your trip.

The Stage

This product is in early development.

Stay in Touch

Please contact us with your interest. Learn more about how the concierge service will work for you and your guests. If you want us to tailor SoFuBeachDay for your business, we want to hear your needs and ideas. For others, we'll just let you know when there's an important update.

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